Orthodontics is a distinctive oral healthcare specialty because people opt to enhance their smiles and lifestyles through orthodontic treatment. There is no reason to wait days or even weeks for braces if needed to solve a functional condition or improve dental aesthetics. If you have a busy life or are consumed with a lot of work, Esteem Braces and Aligners North Miami Beach offers Same-Day Braces in the dental office in North Miami Beach, FL. Dr. Jordan Jones offers a variety of choices so that your treatment can begin the same day as your first appointment! As a result, there would be no need for a second or third appointment.

The road to a more self-assured and relaxed grin can never be started too early. Dr. Jordan Jones and our crew at the dental office in North Miami Beach, FL, are proud to provide extensive orthodontic services to individuals from all around the region.


It is possible to get traditional braces treatment quickly with our Same-Day Braces services. We can help you avoid many orthodontic appointments by doing everything in one go:

  • Consultation with a single person
  • Treatment Preparation
  • Brace Installation

This saves you time and lets you or your child focus on other important things like your job, school, or other obligations.


Our orthodontic treatment in North Miami Beach, FL, specializes in providing different braces to our patients, including children, adolescents, and adults. This includes the following:

  • Traditional Metal Braces: Traditional metal braces are among our patients’ most preferred braces. Modern metal braces are composed of high-quality stainless steel and are fairly comfortable. Colored elastics can be added for a more appealing appearance.
  • Gold Braces: These are stainless steel bracelets with a gold coating. Their costs are comparable to transparent braces.
  • Clear or Ceramic Braces: Due to their heightened aesthetic appeal, ceramic or clear braces are very popular among adults and teenagers. The top front teeth are the most common location for our patients’ clear braces.
  • Clear Aligners: This is a type of dental device that is completely undetectable. As braces straighten your teeth, these thermoplastic polyurethane/copolyester trays do the same. The aligners are also detachable, making them more convenient and comfortable. In addition, we have cutting-edge iTero equipment at Esteem Braces and Aligners, which allows us to observe how your teeth will shift throughout time!

Only one appointment is required when you choose Same-Day Braces. Though, that isn’t to say that the treatment isn’t thorough. At the same time, it’s critical to realize that we don’t use a one-size-fits-all therapeutic method. Dr. Jordan will thoroughly examine your smile and bite and ask you questions before initiating treatment. He will develop a unique orthodontic treatment plan for you that is tailored to your specific requirements. We’ve also set aside a significant amount of time to answer your questions.

Contact Esteem Braces and Aligners at (786) 744-1570 or fill out this online booking form if you need same-day braces with our orthodontist in North Miami Beach, FL.