Palate expanders are oral devices that are used to treat a variety of dental problems. They’re also known as orthodontic expanders or palatal expanders. These items are most typically utilized in pre-adolescent children, but teens and adults can also benefit. For example, a palate expander may be recommended by an orthodontist if your child has a crossbite or a narrow upper jaw.
Each time a correction is performed, the palatal expander gently presses on your upper molars, “expanding” (or widening) your top jaw. The animation below will show you how to modify your expander and when. After achieving the desired enlargement, you will use the appliance for several months to cement the expansion and avoid regression.


Below mentioned are the steps followed:

Step 1: Tip the patient’s head back in a well-lit location.

Step 2: Insert the key into the hole until it is securely fastened.

Step 3: Place the key in the back of your mouth. You’ll see that the fender rotates, and a new hole appears. When the key meets the back of the expander, the rotation comes to a halt. 

Step 4: To remove the key, press back and down toward the tongue. The key’s next insertion hole should now be visible.

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