Colorful braces may be a terrific summer accessory, but which colors are appropriate, and which ones should you steer clear of? Our orthodontists provide a wide range of hues, from red and blue to green, yellow, purple, and even pink. Even if there isn’t an official style guide for braces, following these suggestions will help you narrow your selections. Click on a color, then the tooth you wish to paint to begin painting your braces. Alternatively, select a color and then one of the buttons below to assign that color to specific teeth. Then, please consult with our orthodontist in North Miami Beach, FL, to find out what exciting colors are available for your teeth.

What to Think About When Choosing Braces Colors?

Choosing the color of your braces may not be as simple as it appears, especially with so many options. However, even if it’s only a temporary color, there are a few things to consider before deciding on the best braces colors for you!

  • Consider your diet. To ruin your band’s colors, avoid drinking coffee or eating fruit.
  • Consider the color of your teeth (they aren’t likely to be completely white). Certain hues might make your teeth appear discolored. Your teeth will seem whiter if you wear darker colors.
  • When it comes to braces, your appearance is just as important as what you wear.

You can book an appointment at our dental office in North Miami Beach, FL, if you have queries regarding the color of the braces.