Two-phase orthodontic therapy is a unique procedure involving tooth straightening and morphological modifications to the face. Two-phase therapy aims to increase your child’s chances of achieving the optimal healthy, functional, and beautiful result that will last throughout their life.


Delaying treatment may necessitate more invasive treatment later in life, which may not be able to correct your child’s grin entirely. The most efficient way to achieve long-term effects is to start treatment as soon as possible.


A Foundation for Beautiful Smiles for a Lifetime

Our goal in Phase One of therapy is to help your child’s jaw grow and mature so that it can accommodate all of your permanent teeth. Early signs of jaw problems in children are common as they become older. If your child’s upper jaw is developing too quickly or is becoming too narrow, it can be detected even before they are born. If a six-year-old child has a jaw misalignment, they may benefit from early orthodontic treatment. In addition, if children under the age of eight have crowded front teeth, early diagnosis and treatment can avoid the need for permanent tooth extraction later.

Planning ahead of time can help you save your child’s smile afterward: Treatment in the early stages is extremely beneficial to children. Early treatment may help avoid the need for permanent tooth removal later in life and surgical operations to straighten the jaws.

Keeping track of your child’s treatment to determine their individual needs: To decide the type of appliances to be used, the duration of treatment, and the number of visits along with orthodontic records will be required. Models of the teeth, X-rays, and pictures make up the records. In addition, the doctor will take records during your child’s initial consultation to determine if early treatment is required.


The remaining permanent teeth are left alone as they emerge during this phase. If retaining devices interfere with eruption, they may not be indicated. Allowing the existing permanent teeth to move freely is the most excellent option. A successful initial phase will have cleared the way for permanent teeth to emerge. Instead, they may be harmed or relocated severely.

Keeping track of the teeth’s development: Teeth are not in their ultimate places after the first phase of therapy. In the second phase of treatment, this will be identified and accomplished. The most significant advantage of increasing eruption during this resting phase is that it may selectively remove some primary (baby) teeth. As a result, recall appointments for monitoring are required regularly, usually every six months.


Stay healthy and look attractive

Each tooth is aligned properly with the cheeks, tongue, lips, and other teeth. The teeth will work together appropriately once this harmony is achieved. Full upper and lower braces are frequently used in Phase Two.

The first part began with creating orthodontic records and establishing a diagnosis and treatment plan. In the initial step, several types of equipment were employed to straighten and realign the teeth and jaw. When all permanent teeth have grown, the second phase starts, and braces are normally worn on all teeth for an estimated 24 months. After this time, your child will need to wear retainers to keep their gorgeous grin.

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